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The history Of the HUMMER...

The U.S. army wants a vehicle to meet the Army's highest standards in a High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).

AM General started from scratch and soon created an original -- the HUMMER.

The prototype HUMMER was sent to be tested in the Nevada desert.

Contracts were issued for test TOW Carriers, Cargo Troop Carriers and Mini and Maxi Ambulances vehicles were awarded to General Dynamics, Teledyne and AM General. Army specs were extremely tough with demands for light armor, deep water fording capability, arctic and desert operational abilities, as well as absolute reliable, long lasting and maintainable.

AM General became the first company to complete its test vehicles. Prototype HUMMER's were delivered to Army test sites at Aberdeen, Yuma and Fort Hunter-Liggett.

AM General was finally awarded the production contract.

With the production of the civilian HUMMER...we have the world's most durable and most serious 4 x 4 on the market.

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